A beautiful night, listening to the waves gently touch the sand on what is known as Hendrey’s beach at a very popular restaurant called The Boathouse, is where I took my stand, or table, for this feast.. Since it is Saturday night, and the outside was packed with folks already on their second or third drink, (I stayed with my favorite passion fruit ice tea) there I was ready to chow down on some of the freshest items on the menu.

First order was the grilled shrimp, four large ones, shells on, that cane lounging on the top of a foot long cut of toasted  French bread swimming in drawn butter and garlic. Wow did I ever need my mints after this dish.Then cam the fresh New England style clam chowder with the clams right out of the shell floating in a creamy broth. I pounded it with Tabasco sauce and sucked it up as fast as Icould.

The rest of the order just kept coming, the french fries where perfect, golden and crispy, with a touch of sea salt. The pulled pork sliiders, there were three, were very tasty and topped with a zesty Bar-BQ sauce.

In between all of the above came the seared Ahi-Tuna on a bed of spicy cold slaw flavored with a vinegar and lemon juice flavor that I ate with chop-sticks.


I ordered a few more Passion ice teas while I watched the place fill up with lots of beautiful people who would follow my lead and enjoy this perfect night out.


I recommend getting there before 6PM if you can if not, you can order a drink or two from the bar and wait for your table. It is worth it! See photos below.


Well I was feeling for some good things from the sea and who am I to negate those food sensations that often come at the spur of the moment. Well here I was, sitting at the Sushi bar at one of my favorite place to eat for lunch, but now it was dinner and I was hungry.

Sitting at the sushi bar to me is like sitting in the front row of a great concert and you have a one on one relationship with the performers who in this case were the Sushi chef’s Starting out with some hot green tea and warm Miso soup then a bowl of white fluffy rice with soy sauce to get my stomach started.

The platter of Habanero Yellow Tail with all the special sauces just seem to melt in my mouth as I sat there inhaling each piece and it slowly diapeared from the platter. /the next roll that came was the spicy tuna roll with more ginger and wasabi as I washed it all down with more green tea.

To top this meal off we finished with Uni Sea Urchin Row,, right from the Santa Barbara waters, FYI most of it is shipped off to Japan, but I am glad they keep some for us, This was gone in two or three bites then two quail eggs with salmon row sat in from of me as I made them disappear into that dark hole they call the mouth


So what is my take on this place It is a must go to while in Montecito. Who knows, you may even see one of the luminaries there from TV land.

Tonno e Carciofi Tuna and Artichoke Pannini with Olive tapenade Soup of the day with Passion Fruit Ice Tea Perfect for a warm Friday Lunch!

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What is the best combo for you? Mike & Cookies or Cookies & Root Beer? Please post your comments.

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OK here is my take of this new Family Pizza place that just opened up in Santa Barbara.

Location: Hard to find parking on Ortega Street. I had to park in the Public Garage in the Paseo Nuevo Lot. (cost me an extra $1.50.

Ambiance: Warm and inviting. I felt as if I was in either NY, NJ, or Philly.I love the natural brick on the back wall and the dark wood and low hanging light fixtures.

Service: Fast and efficient. Wasn’t very crowded when I was there so we got our order within 10 to 15 minutes after placing it!

Menu: Simple choice. Not to many things to choose from, I like that about this place.

The Food: My first thumbs up, besides the $5.00 glass of Chianti, good for the budget, was the Meatball Sliders. I ordered the Turkey sliders and they came on a house made bun, very good. The Turkey meat balls were very flavorful, had a nice crunch to them and the seasoning and red sauce on them was just enough.

I ordered the 14″ pizza with 3 toppings, Artichokes, olives, and mushrooms, (I also ordered a side of anchovies, Love them) It came out of the oven hot and the cheese was bubbling. The crust had a nice crunch to it. Not too doughy. They cut the round pizza into squares, just like the original Sicilian pizza that my Nonna made at home for us. I liked this cut, however I still did not understand why they did not make the pizza in a 1/4 inch baking sheet. I need to ask them the next time I go.

My surprise was that when I asked the woman behind the counter, who was making most of the pizzas where her family was from in Italy, she replied, “Dublin”.( Laugh) They are all Irish! Who knew? In any event, I will be back for more and tell my friends about it.

It was worth the trip. I wish them all the luck be it Irish or Italian as long as they keep flying the Red, White, and Green flag out front!




I will post my opinion of the places I eat as well as a brief location.

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